Lübeck Immunisation against Corona


In the past, an extremely powerful research & development division was built up in the Company Euroimmun under my direction, which is also involved in the diagnostics of infectious diseases. Our scientists were among the first to develop reagents for the identification of a whole range of newly emerging infections, often in close cooperation with specialists from international research institutes for infectious diseases, for instance in Germany the Bernhard-Nocht Institute (Hamburg) and the Robert-Koch Institute (Berlin): Crimean Congo, West Nile, Japanese encephalitis, usutu, dengue, chikungunya, mayaro, MERS corona, zika, SARS 1, ebola.

Based on the extensive experience in the development of reagents used for the diagnostics of viral infections, we created and produced, in a fast and targeted manner, a recombinant antigen construct for reliable detection of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. The construct is based on a receptor-binding domain (RBD, Arg319-Phe541) in the S1 subunit of the spike protein used by the virus to bind to receptors of the target cells. It was pretty clear for me that vaccination with this protein would provide protection from in the infection.

Some vaccinations have a large and some a very low risk potential. It makes a difference whether a healthy human being is injected with an attenuated virus or virus RNA or with a tiny inconspicuous recombinant protein that cannot cause much harm in the organism, except for specifically stimulating the immune system. For decades, recombinant antigens genetically engineered in culture cells have been used for vaccination against infectious hepatitis A and B. In earlier times, the vaccination antigen had been extracted from blood collected from persons with past hepatitis; the recombinant antigens, however, are artificially designed, easy to produce and do not harbour any infection risk – a great step forward. I myself have vaccinated thousands of my employees with this kind of vaccines. However, it is important to perform three injections in the first quarter and to determine the antibody titre every five to ten years, followed by a booster, if necessary.

This uncomplicated vaccination scheme, which has proven itself over decades and uses a readily available trivial antigen, would have been the order of the day in the case of Covid-19. To adopt completely new approaches, for instance, of introducing virus RNA into the body of vaccinees whose organisms first have to synthesise the vaccination antigen, may be effective but many people are scared because they fear that the virus RNA will take on a life of its own and cause unexpected harm their bodies. For this reason, lengthy vaccination studies had to be carried out, while the virus could spread like wildfire. Moreover, the vaccine is hard to produce, requires an unbroken cold chain from the manufacture to the application, many people have allergic reactions to the additive polyethylene glycol that is necessary for stabilisation and half of the vaccinated persons have to take sick leave after the second shot. Above all, however, the manufacturing requires years until the need is met and every single person is vaccinated. During this time, scientists are able to make their mark and patent owners can make very good money, while millions of humans are dying because they could not be vaccinated in time. “But woe to him who, hid from view, hath done the deed of murder base”! Who will follow hard upon his heels, I ask?

Similarly, coronaviruses  produced in culture and inactivated thereafter are outdated as vaccination antigens in my opinion. With respect to hepatitis, they have long become obsolete. Why should they be used for corona? Similarly, nobody needs to be infected with vector viruses to introduce virus antigens into the body. I, for my part, use the ready-made, extracorporeally genetically engineered antigen, which carries virtually no risk. Until today, none of the one hundred persons I vaccinated in this way have become ill or had to take sick leave.

Some resistance has developed against my approach. People are unable or unwilling to recognise the great potential in the vaccination method that I suggested, although it is virtually risk-free, based on a dead vaccine, can be transported uncooled and stored in the fridge, does not introduce any scary genetic information of the virus into the body, does not contain an attenuated virus, does cause virtually no allergic reactions, and especially not against polyethylene glycol, can be administered in a doctor’s practice, is nearly risk-free and would therefore be much better accepted by the population. It can also be produced in large quantities, which makes it extremely suitable for mass vaccination. The first vaccination was rather trivial than heroic. There was no vector, no RNA, no inactivated coronavirus, but only a tiny peptide.

Take three times 15 microgrammes of recombinant RBD of the S1 subunit (Arg319-Phe541) for one person. As adjuvant I used alhydrogel from InvivoGen. Shake thoroughly and take up 200 microlitres of the mixture with a tuberculin syringe. Take up 10 millilitres of sodium chloride solution? with a larger syringe and add the 200 microlitres, mix well. Take 500 microlitres of the mixture per shot and mix with a portion of the antigen. Make sure everything is sterile.

With a single 2000-litres reactor, 35 g of antigen can be produced per day, which would suffice for 1 million persons. Using a high-density culturing system, five times as much can be yielded. Within half a year it would be possible to produce enough vaccine for 80% of the population in Germany in a medium-scale laboratory.

I have asked the Paul-Ehrlich Institute (PEI), which is the German Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicines, for permission to carry out this simple vaccination as soon as possible with a larger number of volunteers to find out whether it would work as well as with me and my family and whether these volunteers would also remain free of secondary effects, including exposed persons. If the PEI had not opposed to my plan, we would already have been able to put a manufacturer into the position to supply and effectively protect the entire German population.

But instead of agreeing to my suggestion, the PEI coolly sued me. May this was because they felt left out in their divine role – I had already done a trial on five (!) persons (which I am entitled to do as a doctor, being allowed to mix together for therapy whatever I deem right. He, who is so knowledgable when it comes to the law, should know this) – maybe to give an advantage to other applicants to whom they felt obliged? But I do not present myself as a manufacturer of vaccines; I do not have a profit motive. I have immediately gone public with my action on purpose and have not filed a patent application to prevent someone else from claiming this approach for themselves. The only thing I want is to show a safe and simple way of dealing with the pandemic in a quick and effective manner.

An emergency justifies unconventional means. With this pandemic we cannot wait for two years, as with other vaccines, until all doubts have been erased regarding potential secondary effects but we have to act quickly. In this respect, the PEI is found guilty of complete failure. The institute should have foreseen that the delivery of vaccines that they approved will take several years. In this situation, intelligent people would have examined all possible alternatives and supported their implementation. They would have thought immediately of the highly effective vaccination carried out in Lübeck and would have supported the project. By the end of 2021, the whole of Germany could be free of Covid-19! The vaccination of over a hundred patients with recombinant S1 RBD antigen in Lübeck was virtually without secondary effects and very effective. 95% of the vaccinees developed high concentrations of protective antibodies within six weeks.

The regulatory authorities are unable to cope. They can only act according to the book. They are helpless in the face of the catastrophe that they have caused themselves. They could and should have been the first to foresee the wildfire-like outbreak of the pandemic. If they had accepted my proposal straight away to vaccinate the population with such a simple antigen, the disease would have been prevented from spreading very quickly. Hundreds of thousands of people would not have been infected and ten thousands would not have died.

It is unbelievable how the PEI is payed court to, as if they were gods who like to take their time to approve a vaccine by determining, under certain conditions and by a lengthy and thorough examination of every tiny detail, whether every stamp is in the right place and every document is folded correctly, while the social life and the economy are breaking down. For me, these paralysing authorities are as bad as the disease itself and unworthy of carrying the name of Paul Ehrlich, whose achievements would have been impossible in the current environment of increasingly excessive bureaucracy. Entrepreneurial qualities are required instead of debilitating dirigisme and helpless stammering on TV. Our society would benefit from some competition for the PEI, something similar to the German Technical Inspection Association or the DEKRA.

In the current disastrous situation, no lengthy double-blind trials are required to clearly determine differences in the effectiveness. One should vaccinate the first thousand probands (ideally with the Lübeck method), thus making them immune straight away. If this succeeds, the next ten thousand people are vaccinated and, thereafter, the remaining population. But some clinicians always have an eye on their third-party funds, they want to proceed scientifically in the proven way and to first examine thoroughly if a vaccine candidate helps to develop more or fewer anti-covid antibodies. As not every vaccine, such as the one from Lübeck, will be able to induce very high concentrations of antibodies in 95% of patients that eliminate (neutralise) the coronavirus.

It is not necessary to first confirm a long-term effect by a time-consuming process. What is primarily required is to establish herd immunity as soon as possible and, in one or two years, when the pandemic has been largely contained it is decided how to proceed further. It should be mainly examined whether the side effects are within certain limits. This in particular is what takes too much time in RNA-based vaccines and co. With the Lübeck variant this question could be answered within six weeks.

Besides, my suggestion of a fast vaccination using the corona S1 antigen was received with great enthusiasm by several scientists. Others scolded the idea, criticising it without rhyme or reason: those who did not have the idea themselves or possibly get their research funds from (newly) established vaccine manufacturers. Some “scientists” might get so many third-party funds that they need to talk down my simple solution approach so as not to come away empty-handed. The manufacturers will indeed not permit a comparison because they fear that my vaccine might compete with their newly patented substances, making their patents worthless and putting into question their expected turnovers of hundreds of millions of dollars and euros. I do not rule out that our much admired godlike authority is not only hostile to innovation but, in closing their eyes to the simplest of solutions and suing me, might have acted for the account of someone else. And since so much money is at stake, I am even risking my life. “Ye corona victims who sweep through upper air, though hushed be every human breath, the tidings of my murder bear,” the victims of short-sighted “scientists”, cowardly sticklers for the letter of law and bureaucrats.

The claim of the PEI that a positive antibody result in the vaccination certificate should only be recognised if it was produced by an approved vaccine must surely be seen in the same light. Persons with a past corona infection, who have earned their antibodies in earnest, will then also require vaccination, apparently to avoid that the minions miss out on money?. Can someone please sue the PEI?

In order to counter the silly accusation of some of these “scientists” that my self-test has no evidential value, I have yielded to the entreaties of some of my colleagues and friends and vaccinated them according to my scheme in legal manner, as I did with my family last April. As a doctor I am entitled to do this without requiring approval by an authority. During our vaccination series from December 2020 to January 2021, no relevant undesired side effects have been found and we detected very high titres of anti-spike IgG in 60 of 65 patients in our laboratory in Lübeck. Five vaccinees will receive a booster soon and 64 exhibited virus-neutralising antibodies. None of the vaccinated persons had to take sick leave. All of those positive for vaccination-induced antibodies are very happy about their new freedom.

Winfried Stöcker


66 thoughts on “Lübeck Immunisation against Corona

  1. Sehr geehrter Herr Stöcker ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn ich Ihren Impfstoff bekommen würde und hoffe auf Gerechtigkeit das Sie schnellstmöglich die Zulassung bekommen

  2. Hello, how can I order or access your vaccine? Can you recommend a dr I can see to have it administered or a pharmacy where I can order it? I think your work is amazing and I am so happy we have honest people like you!

    Thank you


  3. Suche seit langen einen impftermin/Immunisierung im raum Görlitz Zittau ? wo kann ich einen bekommen?
    Habe volles vertrauen zu ihnen und ihrer Immunisierung ❣️
    Bg Astrid Spantig

  4. Dear Dr Stöcker,

    My utmost respect for the great work you are doing! Very important and brave.

    Is there any possibility of receiving your vaccine in the near future?
    What is the situation at the present time?
    I live in Finland.
    I wish you all the very best!

  5. Sehr geehrter Herr Stöcker

    Tolle Leistung für den schnellen Imstoff.Man kann nur Werbung für sie machen auch in den ärmeren Regionen.Wenn ein Imstoff in Frage kommen würde bei mir dann nur Ihrer.
    Beste Grüße aus Spanien Mallorca


  6. Danke Hr Professor für Ihre Arbeit im Sinne der Menschlichkeit , das Interesse an ihrer Impfung ist sehr groß. Meine Familie und ich warten schon sehnsüchtig auf nähere Informationen
    Mfg HW

  7. It is incredible! The German government knows about this initiative becausethe PEI ist the official place that infirms and gives adviceon how to act in the pandemia. They should be demanded for allowing ‘criminal experiments’ on the population withoutiinforming pproperly of the consequencesof the new vaccines. Shame on them!

    • The Lübeck immunization against Corona is not a criminal experiment. It is effective and not any harmful to the recipients who desire to be treated and protected this way. Physicians are allowed to do this immunization. Before You accuse us, take better notice of the legal situation. Winfried Stöcker

  8. Sehr geehrter Herr Stöcker,

    ich würde mich gerne mit Ihrem Wirkstoff gegen Corona impfen lassen.

    In bin 61 Jahre und eine Asthmatiker in guter Verfassung und hoffe auf eine positive Antwort von Ihnen.

  9. German authorities stink.

    Their books and rules and how they act are derived from the monarchy long time ago (even before the second world war).
    What Germany has now is a simple evolution of dictatorship, where everyone outside of the Government line will be sued (because that’s all they can do, without ever having been on substantial risk themselves).
    They prefer to put money into doubtful corrupt mask deals.

    There are good people in every country, also in Germany. However I have only seen a few countries with a government supporting the freedom of the people (=free to decide what to do in your life, without the imminent pressure of penalties).

  10. Who will produce S1 soon.
    As a dentist I have to protect my employees!
    Sick leave in a small team is always a Desaster!

    • A few days only, and we will reveal in this blog, wherefrom You can obtain the ingredients! W. St.

  11. America needs an alternative vaccine to those politically and financially motivated. People like Bill Gates and Dr Fauchi are getting filthy rich from creating a scare to the public. News media and celebrities are pushing this experimental emergency “vaccine” like the world is coming to an end!! The fake news media along with most US physicians are attempting to disgrace anyone who intelligently decides not to participate in this fiasco. We are being sold a bill of goods and there is no legal recourse for Americans who are hospitalized or die as the result of taking the Covid-19 “vaccine.” At this moment, there are only three non FDA approved vaccines being pushed upon un-educated Americans; all of which contain Bill Gates’ designed gene implants!! The number of cases of severe reactions and deaths are being lost in the shuffle as the push to get everyone vaccinated is accelerated. Americans and those in other countries are virtually human guiinea pigs becoming the animal trials which never were allowed to be tested.
    I hope that people will stop yielding to the scare tactics and educate themselves to the facts. A vaccine should be safe and without dangerous side effects which can alter one’s genetic code for life.
    Thank you for the effort in creating a safe common sense vaccine. It seems the elites of the world are not really concerned about life…just profit.

  12. Dear Prof. Dr. Stöcker,
    Thank you very much for your excellent explanations of how your immunization approach works.
    I would like to receive more information to discuss a vaccination with my pulmonary physician. Do you have a short script or brochure as digital pdf document, I could get? Do you have any hint (link), where your basic components for the vaccination will be available on the internet?
    Be encouraged you and your team to move on.


    David Rautenbach

  13. Hi Dr Stöcker,

    I am in the USA and wonder how could I get with doctors that would give your treatment vs current MRNA?

    Thank you,

    Jose Mendoza

  14. Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Stöcker!
    Besteht die Möglichkeit sich bei Ihnen impfen zu lassen? Oder bei einen Ihrer Kollegen, die Ihre Studie unterstützen?
    Ich verfolge schon seit dem letzten Jahr Ihren Ausführungen.
    Nur dieser Impfung kann ich glauben.
    Bitte antworten Sie mir, ob irgendwie die Möglichkeit besteht, auch würde ich gerne den Impfstoff selber bezahlen.

    • Liebe Frau Stachecki, bitte schauen Sie Ende nächster Woche in diesen Blog, da schreiben wir es hin. Schöne Grüße! Ihr Winfried Stöcker

  15. Warum nutzen Sie das Potenzial der ” Crowdfunding” paar financiar su vacuna ?

    Millionen von Menschen die Lösung mitfinanzieren könnten!

    • Die Finanzierung ist nicht das Problem, sondern die verweigerte Zulassung durch die Behörden. Es dauert deshalb leider länger als nötig, und hunderttausend Menschen sind dadurch krank geworden oder gestorben. W. St.

  16. Hallo, schönes Abend Dr. Stöcker. Viele Grüsse aus BRNO – Tschechien.
    Ich lese über Corona in Ganze Welt und Wünsche Ihnen viel Erfolg, satisfaction und schönes und Gesundes Leben…

    Und wenn ist es möglich, ich möchte gerne Meine Familie (mich, meine Frau und 3 Kinder) zu Ihnen kommen und auch vaccination bekommen und sicher kann ich Sponsorierungs-geschenk gerne geben. Wir sind normale leute, habe 3 kleine Kinder und diese Corona ist kein Spiel…und alle Politiker möchten nur “Geld machen”…es ist wirklich schlecht 🙁
    Bitte für Ihre Info, ob ist es möglich Sie erkennen und für vaccination bei Ihre Metode “diskret anmelden..
    Miloslav Gröppl, +420 605 298 268

    • Lieber Herr Gröppl, in wenigen Tagen ist es so weit, dann können Ärzte in Österreich und in Deutschland die nötigen Chemikalien bestellen und einen Impfstoff herstellen und verabreichen. Wo: Das steht dann in diesem Blog. Ich hoffe, dass diese legale Möglichkeit auch in meinem schönen Tschechien existiert. Schöne Grüße, Winfried Stöcker

  17. Sehr geehrter Prof. Winfried Stöcker,
    ich habe am 17.03.2021 eine online Petition an den Bundestag für ihren Impfstoff eingereicht. Weil ich keine andere Möglichkeit sehe, sie zu unterstützen. Ich habe sehr viele verschiedene Erkrankungen, muss unter anderem Immunsuppressiva und körpereigenes Cortison einnehmen und möchte nicht mit dem zugelassenem “Impfstoff” geimpft werden. Aus den Gründen, die sie schon dargelegt haben.
    Vielleicht besteht die Möglichkeit, sich als Proband zur Verfügung zu stellen oder dem Impfstoff privat zu erwerben.
    Hochachtungsvoll Petra Tschage

    • Danke für Ihre Unterstützung, liebe Petra Tschage! In wenigen Tagen ist es so weit, dann können Ärzte in Österreich und in Deutschland die nötigen Chemikalien bestellen und einen Impfstoff daraus machen und ihn verabreichen. Wo: Das steht dann in diesem Blog. W. St.

  18. Hallo Herr Dr Stöcker

    Ich lebe in London und wäre für einen Kontakt dankbar. Vielleicht kennen Sie hier einen Arzt, welcher vertrauenswürdig ist? Würde mich über Rückmeldung freuen. Viele liebe Grüße!

  19. Dear Mr.Stöcker,
    if you look for more patients willing pass through the immunisation by your method using peptides, please contact me, I live in Prague and I am able to reach you in a few hours by car. I cross fingers to you to allow you to spread your inventative method among the most quantity of people that want to pass throug that.

  20. Dear profesor Stöcker,

    Im from Czech Republic, hope you dont mind that I write in english. I would like to know what german population say about this situation. I mean you have an answer for this global pandemic and PEI sweep it of the table.

    Thank you for your reaction

    Alexandra Dostalova

  21. Dear Prof dr Stoecker,

    I am very sceptic to all vaccins promoted by the Govt politicians.
    Nevertheless , i have the feeling that our future freedom of movement will depend on the corona vaccinations, vaccination IDs etc.
    After witnessing your explanations on your vaccin, it gives me hope for a save product. My question is if it is possible to be vaccinated with your vaccin against corona.

    Sincerely yours

    Wilfried Kreemers
    Major Ret’d

  22. ich habe heute mal beim Paul Ehrlich Institut nachgefragt.
    Bin gespannt, auf die Antwort.
    An:presse@pei.de Details
    Hallo, liebe Frau L.-R., ( es ging an die Pressesprecherin, ich habe es anonymisiert)

    Betr. Prof.Dr.med. Winfried Stöcker

    Sicherlich kennen Sie auch die diversen Videos über die Methode des Dr.Stöckers, die in den letzten Wochen im Netz gelaufen sind.
    z.b. im Spiegel TV, etc.

    Ich möchte sie daher fragen, warum das nicht weiter verfolgt wird? Bzw. weshalb Ihr Institut ihm sogar mit strafrechtlichen Folgen gedroht hat?
    Liegt das an Korruption in Ihrem Hause ? Im Bundesministerium für Gesundheit ?
    Oder nur an Unfähigkeit ?
    Oder ist es ein böser Scharlatan ?
    Ich kann es mir nicht erklären. Ich wäre Ihnen für kurze Rückantwort dankbar.
    Mit freundlichen Grüssen

  23. lieber herr stöcker,
    ich bin seit 1993 praktizierender Heilpraktiker und interessiere mich für ihre Corona-Impfung. Leider kann ich sie nicht anderweitig erreichen. ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn Sie mir Bescheid geben würden, ob und wann Ihre Impfung verfügbar wäre.
    Alles Gute Ihnen und Ihrer Arbeit
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Dieter Scherer

  24. Vielen Dank fuer Ihren Mut und Einsatz .Wenn es möglich ist, würden mein Mann und ich uns sofort impfen lassen.
    Ich möchte das es mehr public gemacht wird das es diesen Impfstoff gibt .
    Wenn ich das in irgendeiner Form unterstützen kann ,lassenn sie es mich wissen.

  25. Dear Professor Stocker.

    May I ask in relation to your post above are there any other key details to the production of this antigen?

    I am asking because I would like to make an application to the TGA here in Australia to produce this antigen.

    I think if everyone made separate applications in their countries we could soon discover if there is a concerted effort to reject “vaccines” that though effective are not produced by big pharma.

    Lets shame our medical overlords into accepting the production of the antigen and accepting it as a vaccine, or rejecting it on the basis that a big pharma company isn’t bringing it to market.

    So what I will require to test this is everything necessary to complete an application the TGA here in Australia.

    Would you be willing to assist me in the process?

    Kind regards,


    • If You really want to deal with this matter, visit us for a couple of weeks in Lübeck! Winfried Stöcker

  26. Dear Dr Stoecker;
    Thank You for Your work ; we would want to be vaccinated using Your Corona S1 antigene! How do we get vaccinated ; we live in France!?
    Very kind regards
    James and Vera Wardroper

  27. Sehr geehrter PROF. DR.Stöcker,
    ich finde Ihre Arbeit bemerkenswert und frage mich zugleich…warum gehen wir deutsche nicht den einfachen Weg so wie Sie. Bei uns scheint es wohl nur immer um die Großen und mächtigen zu gehen…und zuletzt um den Profit….siehe den Masken Skandal….^^
    Gerne würde ich mir Ihren Impfstoff verabreichen lassen, aber weis nicht wie ich ihn bekommen kann, vielleicht können sie mir da ja weiter helfen…Danke…

    • In ein paar Tagen können die Hausärzte die Impfung vornehmen, sehen Sie in diesen Blog, da schreiben wir hin, wie man vorzugehen hat. W. St.

  28. finde sie so toll. Man merkt leider wie die Welt mal wieder Geld geil ist. Sie bieten es sogar umsonst an. Ich würde mich sofort bei ihnen impfen und meine ganze Familie auch. Tolle Arbeit und Herz am rechten Fleck. Bete für sie das es aufgehoben wird mit der Klage

  29. Dear Professor,
    I admire you as a person and scientist,
    you are hero in my eyes and the fact that you offered
    to be used for free without patent is unheard of in nowadays
    world!You valued human life over money…
    If it is possible,I would like to order it right away for me
    and my family.I am orthopadic surgeon working in Czech,
    so it is all my responsibilty for immunisation of myself and
    my family.
    Regards and God bless you!

  30. Würde die Lü-vaccine auch schon erkrankten Personen helfen? Wie lange braucht der Körper um die Inmunität aufzubauen nach der Impfe?

    Wäre doch schön Schwerkranke damit zu retten. Haben Sie es mal heimlich erpropt?

    Verehre ihren Mut, machen Sie weiter!!!

    • Den Kranken sollte man lieber das Serum von Geimpften verabreichen! Da traut sich aber bis jetzt noch keiner ran, weil sie angst vor den Behörden haben. W. St.

  31. Dear Sir, my compliment to your results and engagement. Is it possible getting a vaccination with your product on my own risk? Best regards B. Himmerich

  32. Ich habe den link in der Hoffnung auf Ihr Einverständnis zu Freunden in Brasilien, Kuba, der Elfenbeinküste und Argentinien sowie Texas (Versorgungsengpässe!) weitergeleitet.

    Möglich, dass sich von dort aus jemand mit Ihnen in Verbindung setzt.


    Lieber Herr Stoecker! Bin seit 25 Jahren Prof an der HKUST in Hong Kong. Wenn Sie irgendwelche Kontakte zu Pharma und Finanzen dort brauchen, schreiben Sie mir eine Mail oder Anruf in Merseburg 034612596888 . Bin jetzt in Germanien!

    Das gibt den Shaw Preis!! Weiter so Reinhard Renneberg

  34. Lieber Herr Doktor Stöcker,
    gratuliere zu Ihrem Erfolg so schnell einen
    wirksamen Impfstoff entwickelt zu haben,
    anscheinend ohne Nebenwirkungen
    und zu Ihrem Mut den direkten Weg zu nehmen.
    Ich schreibe Ihnen aus Brasilien, leider bin ich
    selber kein Mediziner ich hoffe das wird
    kein Problem sein. Wir sind eine Gruppe
    von kreativen Menschen die etwas positives in Bewegung
    bringen wollen um den Status Quo zu verändern
    und Ihr Vorschlag ihren Impfstoff selber herzustellen lässt
    in meinem Herzen Hoffnung keimen.
    Eine Hämatologin und eine Immunologin
    in unserem Kreis haben bereits Interesse
    signalisiert und würden gerne über mehr Details
    sprechen. Meine cell nr hier ist +55(17)992201454
    Wir bitten um ein baldiges Gespräch,
    mit Hochachtung, Glückwünschen
    und freundlichen Grüssen,
    Arne Zimmermann

  35. Guten Abend Herr Prof. Stöcker, ich bin durch einen Eintrag bei Journalistenwatch auf Sie aufmerksam geworden, exzellente Arbeit! Ich würde mich gern privatärztlich von Ihnen mit den Antikörper Proteinen behandeln lassen. Wäre dies ggf. möglich oder können Sie Ärzte nennen, die die gewünschte privatärzliche Behandlung auf eigenen Wunsch vornehmen?

  36. Sehr geehrter Herr Doktor,

    Ik bin von Geburt Deitsch aber sehr lange in Latin Amerika, Ich werde weiter gehen in English.

    I have read and seen about your vaccin and basically I am very interested to use your vaccin to get immun. Is that possible? Is it accepted?

  37. to start in my GP clinic:
    where to order
    Arg319-Phe541.( Thermofischer UK?)plu s Alhydrogel ?
    please advise

  38. Guten Abend Hr. Stöcker, wir sind aus Süddeutschland.Ein Name ist Carmen K. Und ich bin Krankenschwester. Gibt es denn eine Möglichkeit zu ihnen zu kommen und sich impfen zu lassen?
    Wir sind zu dritt und sind sehr sehr dankbar, dass es Menschen wie sie gibt. Über eine gute Nachricht würde ich ich freuen.

    • Liebe Frau Köder, die Antwort kommt aus technischen Gründen leider etwas spät. Bitte schauen Sie in einer Woche in diesem Blog nach, da werden wir ankündigen, wo man Antigen bestellen kann. Das kann Ihnen dann Ihr Hausarzt legal zu einem Impfstoff umwandeln und Ihnen verabreichen. Er darf den Impfstoff aber nicht an andere abgeben, erst dann bedürfte er einer amtlichen Genehmigung. W. St.

  39. Your invention is a threat to billions of dollars of profit and the pharma lobby will make sure that no cure will be found so they can develop new vaccines for every new mutation and make more money for shareholders.

    It’s time someone should take the government to court for neglecting their duty to protect their citizens.

  40. Sehr geehrter Professor Stöcker, gerne würde ich mich als Proband für Ihren Corona Impfstoff zu Verfügung stellen. Bis zu 300,- könnte ich für die Impfung bezahlen. Über eine positive Antwort Ihrerseits würde ich mich sehr freuen.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

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