The Lübeck gene-free vaccination against Covid-19 cannot be legally challenged! Current situation and summary – January 2024

The world’s first vaccination against Covid-19, performed in Lübeck (LubecaVax), does not require any state approval, the process is lawful and cannot be legally challenged. In August 2023, Würzburg’s district court found that there was no criminal offence in connection with the application of the Lübeck vaccination according to German medicines law (Arzneimittelgesetz), and no criminal offence according to other laws. It is not a questionable medical product. The court also highlighted: “In light of such clear statements from the prosecution, the reasons for the charge being maintained, and the reasons that the objective and subjective facts of the case remain unchanged, are not clear to the court. The opening of the main proceedings therefore had to be rejected on legal grounds.”

The German Paul Ehrlich Institute – batch information team – recently explained the following, among other things, with regard to the Lübeck vaccine within the scope of an administrative assistance process: “The vaccine used for these vaccinations is probably the recombinant receptor-binding domain (RBD) of the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 propagated by Prof. Dr. Winfried Stöcker, or a similar product. This vaccine is not approved in Germany. Based on our information, physicians can order this recombinant spike protein online and use it to produce the vaccine themselves. The instructions are also sold online. This is possible according to the valid legal situation within the framework of an individual attempt at healing and after explaining the process to the patient. However, this kind of vaccination is not recognised because of the lack of approval, e.g. for the fulfilment of the requirements of a facility-specific vaccination obligation.”

If you wish to understand the theoretical contexts of vaccinations against Covid-19 and my disputes with the state institutions, please take note of the following explanations:

I am a doctor of laboratory medicine. Under my leadership, the company Euroimmun, which I founded, has in the past developed an extremely powerful area of research and development, which deals with infections, among other things. Our scientists have consistently been under the first to create reagents for the detection of emerging infectious diseases. These are in use worldwide, and some are considered the benchmark for diagnostics around the world. I am responsible for several hundred inventions, for which I have received over 50 patents. I intentionally did not register the invention of my Covid vaccination as a patent. This was to grant the general public access, and several vaccine manufacturers around the world are making use of it.

I apply a long-established vaccination principle, the harmlessness of which and, at the same time, the immense potential for action of which, can be recognised straight away by experts. In Germany and Austria, physicians may manufacture this vaccine within the framework of their medical freedom and their patients’ rights of self-determination, and to use this on their own patients, by combining two active substances – this is their fundamental right protected by the constitution. They only must not place the produced vaccine on the market, i.e. they must not make it available to other physicians or third parties. My coronavirus vaccination has been used more than a hundred times so far, despite the unlawful opposition of the authorities.

The administered antigen is already available in the Lübeck vaccination itself, and does not have to be synthesised in the cells of the individual being vaccinated, as is the case for the “gene ferry” vaccinations (with pseudo-RNA or vector viruses) which have been administered millions of times and which have been approved by the authorities with gross negligence in the telescopic process. Unlike immunisation with the recombinant antigen, as is the case with LubecaVax, vaccination with gene ferries involves a mechanism analogous to that of the disease: the cells are infected and then attacked by the immune system. Those who have become ill from this kind of vaccination (“post-vac syndrome”) have similar symptoms to the patients who have an infection caused by the coronavirus itself. When LubecaVax is administered, however, there is no post-vac syndrome, although this has occurred hundreds of thousands of times after gene ferry vaccinations! Incidentally, it is not the spike protein encoded by the vaccine that makes the pseudo-RNA-vaccinated individuals sick; it is the organism’s natural defence against infected cells – in this case against pseudo-RNA-infected cells.

Millions of people have become ill from the gene ferry vaccinations, and it is clear that thousands have died worldwide – victims of a delusion. The huge damage potential of these approved genetic vaccinations could no longer be covered up and has since been recognised by our government. In a ZDF interview, the Federal Minister of Health himself admitted that one of 10,000 pseudo-RNA vaccinations against Covid-19 has caused severe and lasting health disorders, up to death (12 March 2023, ZDF Heute).  Many physicians consider this to be too high a figure. However, the authorities are preventing a review, aided by a uniform press. They apparently fear severe punishment when the extent of the damage for which they are responsible comes to light. In the past, such dangerous vaccinations were immediately withdrawn from circulation and banned. This is what should have happened here as well, and it is completely incomprehensible and, in my opinion, criminal, that this is the case to this day and that these vaccinations are still being enforced, for example by the German armed forces.

The database of the European Medicines Agency also shows a high number of serious side effects of the state-enforced anti-coronavirus vaccinations. According to the data submitted to EUDRA Vigilance, 25,076 deaths and more than 1.8 million adverse reactions have been reported since the start of the state-mandated vaccination campaign, including almost 1.3 million “severe” or “critical” cases. Nevertheless, the blind German authorities are still standing by the RNA vaccinations.

This price would have been justified at most if, instead of the new, untested genetic vaccinations with the now well-known risk potential, there had been no other means of preventing the spread of the disease – such as conventional, antigen-based vaccinations, which can do little harm and which have proven themselves millions of times in the course of history, such as the vaccinations against Hepatitis A and B with recombinant antigen. To their credit, the dangerous mass vaccinations against the coronavirus has been instrumental in containing the disease, but at an unjustifiably high cost: many of those vaccinated are seriously ill or have even died.

After my resounding success with the first five immunisations (within my own family), I applied for approval for a corresponding study in September 2020 (Wednesday, 2 September 2020, 18:52) with the head of the Paul Ehrlich Institute, Klaus Cichutek. I tried to make it clear to him that within six months I could have immunised all of Germany safely and efficiently against Covid-19. And yet, instead of eliciting enthusiasm from this important senior civil servant, I aroused his displeasure, apparently because he felt overlooked. Or perhaps there were other interests involved. And so, he had me prosecuted (the proceedings were closed), and lied to the Bundestag that his institute had already offered talks with me in September 2020. However, this was proved to be the case only on 6 January 2021, by a Dr. André Berger, and after a long-standing charge by the state prosecutors’ office.

The state power represented by this Mr Cichutek has prevented the broad application of the way forward that I found – my safe alternative, the efficacy of which I had already demonstrated. In my view, incapable officials who overestimate themselves have incurred a heavy burden of guilt as a result. And the state apparatus is doing its utmost to muzzle the inventor of the Lübeck anti-Covid vaccination. The media are instructed to marginalise him, as if he were a “conspirator” with no expertise. At least there are some channels which do not participate in the uniform presentation of facts.

According to an article in the Sächsische Zeitung, the Paul Ehrlich Institute has complained that I had not presented them with a study on the efficacy and safety of the Lübeck vaccination. This criticism is downright deceitful, because it is well known that such a (refused) study would have required official approval, in contrast to the legally permissible vaccination with a vaccine produced by physicians themselves, within the limits of the freedom of physicians to treat patients.

In this context, it must be asked why the manufacturers of the gene-based vaccines were able to agree the following with the Federal Government in the supply contracts, contrary to conventional practice: “The buyer (Federal Government) acknowledges that the long-term effects and efficacy of the vaccine are currently unknown and that the vaccine may have undesirable effects that are currently unknown. The buyer hereby agrees to “free Pfizer, Biontech and their affiliated companies from and against all lawsuits, claims, campaigns, demands, losses, damage, liabilities, settlements, penalties, fines, costs and expenses”. And the Federal Government is still busy ordering this deadly vaccine today so as not to lose face.

Beyond the scope of the authorities, they should not have blocked the study I requested on the Lübeck vaccination against Covid-19 (probably out of enthusiasm for the new vaccine principle based on genetic engineering, the potential for harm of which they had not recognised). Instead, alleged administrative offences due to the use of the “Lübeck vaccine” are being pursued with great tenacity nationwide and the innocent physicians are being subjected to criminal proceedings. Those who dutifully informed the authorities of their intention to use the Lübeck vaccination legally were paid a house call: the practices were ransacked and threatened with closure. Measures of intimidation as in the times of the GDR.

No one has (as expected) become ill from the Lübeck vaccination, after around 100,000 vaccinations have been administered. By way of example, in the months of June and July 2021 in Upper Lustatia, 376 patients were vaccinated with the Lübeck vaccine in accordance with the law. These people had sought protection against Covid-19 infection within the scope of their individual treatment. Not a single one of those treated (on three occasions) had reported a single health disorder caused by the vaccination, aside from minor local reactions. Everyone was well and fit for work after their vaccination appointments. In contrast, a quarter of those treated with the Biontech RNA had to be written off sick from work after their second vaccination. A few of those individuals vaccinated with LubecaVax had not developed a full immune response and received a fourth double-dose vaccination. Half of them then achieved a satisfactory result. At the end of the primary vaccination course, more than 97% of those vaccinated developed high concentrations of neutralising (protective) antibodies of the immunoglobulin class lgG against corona spike proteins.

Vaccinated individuals with adequate vaccination protection can only be identified by testing their serum. This analysis was not part of the public anti-coronavirus vaccination programme – a criminal carelessness on the part of the authorities, who had satisfied themselves with the “2G” approach (geimpft or genesen, in English: vaccinated or recovered) and allowed thousands of infectious people (without immune protection) to attend large-scale events. The third “G” was missing: gemessen (English: measured). This meant that the delta variant was able to spread unhindered.

There was an insightful study published in the Deutsches Ärzteblatt on 27 December 2023: Beyerlein A., Weigert M., Katz K., Küchenhoff H., Hartl W.: Long-term changes in vaccine protection against severe Covid-19. It has been found that the protective effect before the serious course of infection with Covid-19 (only) after RNA-based anti-Covid vaccinations does not drop off. It can therefore be concluded that the organism does not cease to produce the vaccine antigen for a long time, by means of the pseudo-RNA introduced (the degradation of which is prevented by methylation of the uridine). This may perhaps be viewed as advantageous, but one must expect a perpetuation of the post-vac syndrome. This is most likely due to the body’s defence against the genetically modified cells, as if they were chronically infected by the virus itself. An antigen-based vaccination does not have this potential for damage, but it can provide equally good protection if it is repeated once a year until the end of the pandemic.

I have now realised that a test to determine the spike proteins in the blood is very useful because a high spike value probably reflects a high active infection load with vaccine RNA. The spike values in the serum are therefore possibly proportional to the number or activity of those cells in the organism that produce spikes and are correspondingly attacked by the immune system. This could be utilised to objectify the post-vac syndrome. Patients with high spike values would therefore be at a higher risk of post-vac, while those with low spike values would be out of danger. A new activity parameter for which we will immediately establish a laboratory test.

The fact that the real, serious side effects of the genetic anti-Covid-19 vaccinations are downplayed by the state and are not investigated is testimony to the dishonesty of the authorities responsible. If they had sense and an awareness of their responsibilities, they would ensure that within a defined timeframe and within a defined region, the cause of each of a considerable number of deaths which occurred within a precisely defined timescale following a genetic anti-Covid-19 vaccination is pathologically identified. This would allow them to wash their hands of it, should the genetic vaccinations be as harmless as they so often claim. But the newly vaccinated dead are buried as quickly as possible and their graves overgrown with grass. This is so that no one can sue the state for mass murder.

In my view, vaccinations against the coronavirus using a gene ferry approach are all the more dangerous the more frequently they are administered. However, it is still possible to have the antigen-based LubecaVax administered legally by your GP on a regular basis almost without risk, because the vaccine protection falls to one tenth within a year. Due to the current significantly increasing incidence of the virus, I continue to recommend booster vaccinations against the coronavirus with a recombinant antigen, as with LubecaVax, now once a year, preferably in the autumn, and with a mixture of wild type and the latest available variant. In this sense, an episode of illness counts as a vaccination. Although the vaccinations do not completely prevent people from being infected, the disease is less of a threat to vaccinated individuals and the infection is over sooner, which means that the risk of infection is reduced accordingly. Based on today’s experience, the protective effect of the vaccinations spread over different variants.

You must convince your GP that they are treating you despite the illegal opposition of the authorities, and that you are exercising your rights. On the “Winfried Stöcker Blog”, they can see how to proceed under “Der Hausarzt impft” (The GP is vaccinating). Vaccination with modified RNA, which the Federal Government continues to recommend against all reason and against our medical ethics, should be banned, and those responsible severely punished, since it kills thousands in Germany or makes them seriously ill, as the government itself has had to admit. Hundreds of thousands worldwide!

Lübeck, 13 January 2024                                   Winfried Stöcker


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Prof. h.c. (RCH) Dr. med. Winfried Stöcker, Lübeck

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