Warning: Declining immune protection against Covid-19

Anyone who has previously developed a high concentration of specific antibodies against Corona virus, after overcoming an infection or after a proper triple vaccination, should not hope for permanent protection against Covid-19: Unlike hepatitis A or B, for example, the antibody titre for Corona virus often drops to low levels within six months, and the protection disappears!

Most corona infections in the second half of 2021 were caused by the delta variant, which replicates many times faster than the wild type. It also infects people who had acquired immune protection against Covid-19 through illness or vaccination, but whose antibody titre has already dropped significantly. These infected people only get minor symptoms and confuse them with a normal cold. They rely on an official stamp in their vaccination passport and, unbeknown, infect many more people within a short time, as for example a few weeks ago at a football match in Cologne, but also on a thousand other occasions. At least these vaccinated persons usually recover from their illness within a few days due to their preformed immunity and immunological memory, and the antigen test or PCR is negative again after a week.

New on the plan and quickly dominant is omicron. Several cases have shown that even high antibody titres against wild-type and delta do not provide sufficient protection against omicron. The reason for this is the large number of mutations in omicron; the receptor-binding domain of omicron alone differs from the wild type by 15 mutations (the delta variant by only 2 mutations). People who are sufficiently vaccinated with wild-type antigens and who then become infected with omicron show positive PCRs, but almost no signs of disease, in contrast to the unvaccinated, who often also become severely ill from omicron.

The current extremely high incidence seems to be caused mainly by vaccinated and recovered persons, whose status was wrongly a prerequisite for admission to any event – one of many examples of the mania of the public authorities that has taken hold in Germany and Europe. What should count is the antibody level and a direct test (antigen or PCR), never a “2G status”.

So everyone be careful! Keep your distance, put on protective masks and refrain from parties with many guests until the summer, even if you have had a proper basic immunisation (at least three appointments), as has been the practice in Lübeck from the beginning, since April 2020. In the near future, you will probably have to be refreshed with an up-to-date protein antigen every six months.





























The following text was sent to us by a blog commentator:

In Switzerland, since November 16, 2021, a paid-for antibody test (proof of sufficient CoV-2 antibodies in a certified laboratory, no PCR), enables you to obtain a Swiss Covid certificate with a validity of 90 days from the date of the test (corresponds to the recovery status). This procedure can be repeated several times as long as sufficiently high antibodies are detected. This is a really intelligent and pragmatic procedure that meets established scientific criteria. Not like in Germany/EU, where politics counts the number of vaccination shots.

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